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"Style, like art, is a form of expression. Putting on an outfit or decorating a home the way we see fit are just examples of how we leave our mark on the world."

- Jasmine Carly - 

Meet Our Founder


Meet Jasmine Carly, the founder of Style Artist. Jasmine is a Chicago wardrobe stylist, fashion designer, interior decorator, and all-around trendsetter. She founded Style Artist to pursue her passion to help others look and feel good about themselves and the spaces they call their own by offering quality, convenient and hands-on wardrobe styling and interior decorating services. She found that style and personal surroundings, aspects that sometimes seem so minute compared to the things we deal with on a regular basis, actually can subconsciously  impact our well-being and ultimately affect how we may feel from day to day.


Style Artist was born out of a need to provide a solution to those challenges and help our clients feel comfortable in their skin and in their homes. Our purpose is to enhance our client's style in both fashion and interiors, whether for home, the workplace, outings, or events. Here at Style Artist we value compassion, motivation, and exceptional customer service. We strive to go above and beyond by offering services that provide lasting style education and memorable experiences and we would love to assist you on your new journey to better style.

Happy Styling!

Jasmine Carly, Founder & CEO

Style Artist LLC

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